The Tourney Machine module will display the information of a single Tournament scheduled through Tourney Machine.

NOTE: You will need an active Tourney Machine account in order to utilize this module. If you do not already have a Tourney Machine account, Click Here.

Setting Up Your Tourney Machine Module

  1. Log into your Tourney Machine account.
  2. Click Manage on the desired tournament.
  3. In the upper left corner copy the Tournament ID from the General Info tab.
  4. Go back to your SI Play website.
  5. Navigate to the page where the module has been placed.
  6. In the top right corner of the screen, click Edit Page > Edit This Page.
  7. Click the Arrow in the top right corner of the module. You should now see a window called Quick Settings.
  8. Paste the Tournament ID.
  9. Set the desired Height of your module. This will depend on how much information your tournament displays.
  10. Once complete, click Save.

Expanded Views

Divisions: Clicking on a division will display Pool Standings, Tournament Schedule, and Bracket information with a Print option for that division. You may then also click on a Team to view that Team Schedule only.

Tournament Note: Clicking on the Tournament Note bar will hide/expand any message you have set up for your tournament.

Places: Clicking on Places will display the address and map of the tournament location.

Available Actions

Notifications: Gives the user the option to receive notifications about their team or all teams in their selected division via text or email.

Web App: Gives the user the option to install the Web App for this tournament by having a link sent via text or email.

Share: Gives the user the ability to share a link for this tournament on Twitter or Facebook.

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