To Unregister a Player:

  1. Click Dashboard.
  2. Find the desired account by last name, email, team name, order number, account id or person id
  3. Under Actions, click Edit Order. If this is not the order you wish to manage, click Edit Account to locate the correct order.
  4. To the right of the player's registration, click Unregister > OK.

To Issue a Refund

Continuing from the Previous (Unregister Player) List of Instructions:

  1. Click the Refund button which has now appeared to the right of the order total.
  2. Choose the method with which you'd like to issue the refund.
    -Account Credit: acts as a gift card to your organization, which can be used for a different registration.
    -Credit Card: If the registrant paid by credit card, the order was placed within 90 days, and the registrant still has an account with the card issuer, you may issue the refund by credit card.
    -Check: If refunding by check is preferred, please ensure that you have the means to print/write the check from your organization prior to proceeding with the refund. You will be required to put the check/reference number into the system to proceed.
  3. Fill out all required fields on the form for the refunding method you have chosen.
  4. When finished, click Save/Refund.
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