NOTE: In order to assign players/volunteers to teams, they must first be registered in the appropriate division.

To assign Players and Volunteers to a team:

  1. Go to Teams.
  2. Choose the Session from the drop down
  3. (Optional) Select the Division from the drop down.
  4. Select the Team to which you would like to assign players, then Edit Roster toward the top of the screen.
  5. Click +Add Players or +Add Volunteers
  6. In the Available Registrants panel, check the box next to the players and/or volunteers you would like to assign to this team.
  7. Once complete, select Assign to Team.
  8. Confirm assignment.
  9. All selected players and/or volunteers should now be removed from the Available Registrants panel and added to the team roster.


  • You can view all available players by clicking Add Divisions and selecting the divisions you'd like to add to your selection. This will allow you to assign players from different divisions to the same team.
  • If players are already assigned to a team, they will not appear as available registrants. To switch a team that a player is on, go back to Manage Teams, click on the team that the person is currently assigned to, and click the Reassign Icon to the right of their name. This will only show teams within the player's current division.
  • In the Program Settings, team selection can be enabled meaning that players and/or coaches could potentially choose teams and eliminate the need for administrators to assign players/coaches. (Registrations > Manage Programs > Program Name > Settings > Manage Roles)
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